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Free Email Accounts

If you would like to create a free email account to register on DHS Login Portal, please use one of the sites listed below:
  • Google Gmail
    Gmail is the Google approach to email, chat and social networking. Practically unlimited free online storage allows you to collect all your messages, and Gmail's simple but very smart interface lets you find them precisely and see them in context without effort. POP and powerful IMAP access bring Gmail to any email program or device. Gmail puts contextual advertising next to the emails you read.
  • Yahoo! Mail
    Yahoo! Mail is your ubiquitous email program on the web and mobile devices with unlimited storage, SMS texting, social networking and instant messaging to boot.
    While Yahoo! Mail is generally a joy to use, free-form labeling and smart folders would be nice, and the spam filter could catch junk even more effectively.
  • Windows Live Hotmail
    Windows Live Hotmail is a free email service that gives you 5 GB (and growing) of online storage, fast search, solid security, POP access and an interface easy as a desktop email program.
    When it comes to organizing mail, Windows Live Hotmail does not go beyond folders (to saved searches and tags, for example), its spam filter could be more effective, and IMAP access to all online folders would be nice.
  • GMX Mail
    GMX Mail is a reliable email service filtered well of spam and viruses whose 5 GB of online storage you can use not only through a rich web interface but also via POP or IMAP from a desktop email program.
    More and smarter ways to organize mail could be nice.
  • MySpace Mail
    MySpace Mail adds an email address to your social network so you can exchange messages with everybody, not just MySpace members. Unlimited storage lets you keep all the mail you like, but don't count on MySpace Mail helping you organize the messages — or your address book. It's also a pity MySpace Mail does not offer POP or IMAP access and cannot retrieve mail from external accounts.
For more information and more choices of your free email account, please visit About.com: Email
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